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Alex Qiang Chen is very active in his research and academic involvement. Below are some of his involvements:

PhD Student Mentor (September 2008 - Present)
The mentoring service provides advice to PhD students with regards to any concerns they have about their studies. To lighten the mood, we also organise the odd social event to enable the first years to get to know each other in a less formal setting. In addition, we act as the school representatives in various boards, such as School Board, Staff-Student Consultative Committee and PGR Student Representation, and conduct academical events to encourage PhD students to get engaged with the various topics and faciliate their course.
W3C's WAI Protocols and Formats Working Group (September 2011 - Present)
The Protocols and Formats Working Group ensures W3C specifications provide support for accessibility to people with disabilities. The group advances this mission through review of W3C specifications, technical support materials, and specifications that bridge known gaps.
Teaching Assistant (September 2008 - Present)
Alex assist teaching is a number modules in the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester. This include modules such as Fundamentals of Databases, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Pattern-based Software Development and Fundamentals of Computer Architecture.
Web Ergonomics Lab (WEL) Website Maintainer
From time to time the WEL Website requires some updates and maintenance. Alex is part of the maintaining group that does this.
WEL News Blogger (June 2010 - Present)
Alex blogs about exciting research findings, seminars/talks, achievements, collaborations, news, and many more activities about WEL at
Session Chair
Alex was the session chair for the School of Computer Science's Research Student's Symposium in 2009.

For the fuller list of community involvements and modules that I teach, please visit

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