Hi! I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. I am interested in User-Centred Design, interactive and Web technologies, Code Comprehension, Web Mining, Human Behaviour on the Web, and Web Accessibility.

My research aims to improve the user experience and the accessibility of digital information for elderly and physically challenged users. Check out some of the amazing research projects I am involved. I am constantly looking for possible collaborators. Do get in touch with me if you are interested to collaborate. Click here to view a list of my collaborators.

News & Updates

  • Server Down For Technical Reports

    I realised that the servers hosting my technical reports are down. The guys in charge of hosting the servers are working on the issues.

    Temporary, if you need to download my technical reports try to look for them on ResearchGate.net. The URL to my profile on ResearchGate is https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alex_Chen7

    -Alex Q. Chen Fri, 08 Jul 2016 03:11:43
  • Typing Using Gaze and Swiping Techniques
    Dwell-free systems exist, but our technique proves faster. Our system, GazeTry, a dwell-free gaze-based text entry system which allows people to type a word by gazing sequentially at the letters of the word. Our paper titled "GazeTry: Swipe Text Typing Using Gaze" discusses the techniques for the approach.
    -Alex Q. Chen Fri, 29 Jan 2016 18:44:00
  • Seasons Greetings 2015/2016

    * Happy New Year! * May 2016 be a better year for all of you.

    Stay tuned for more exciting research and activities from me in 2016.

    -Alex Q. Chen Wed, 30 Dec 2015 20:09:35
Bamboo Village, Bandung, Indonesia, February 2016

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  • alexqchen(at)acm.org
  • Human-Computer Interaction Institute
    Carnegie Mellon University
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